Well after becoming addicted to wearing my leather bikers jacket just about everywhere. I even slept in it a few times! I realised that I wanted the whole head to toe in a leather look. I realised that it was one thing walking around in a leather jacket, which in the colder months practically everyone did. It was no big deal. But once you added the leather trousers, then you were in either biker territory or obviously a sex worker!

Seeing a Glamorous Lady In Leather Trousers

My first proper sighting of someone wearing leather trousers in real life happened in all places, on a London bus. Back when I was about 18.

Full Leathers

I remember travelling home on a crowded bus one evening in November. It was cold and miserable (as most Novembers are in London lol). Suddenly on got this tall glamorous woman with golden blonde hair, somewhere in her late fifties I would guess and she was wearing long a fur coat. Looking completely out of place on an old dirty London bus.

As she fumbled with her purse to give the driver money for her ticket it became clear she was more than a little tipsy. She swayed and slurred, trying to explain to the driver that she had lost her way and needed to get home.

“This ain’t no bloody taxi service madame” Said the cockney driver. “you need to get off at Fulham road love”. He helpfully said as he picked out the correct money she was holding n her leather gloved hand. He gave her a ticket and she moved down the bus towards the empty seat next to me. I could see that underneath her fur coat she was wearing the most gorgeous looking, butter-soft, black leather trousers. She looked amazing and I felt a flush as she plonked her bottom, rather loudly, down next to me.

“Ssssorry luv” she slurred. “Ive been trying to get home and couldn’t find my way as Ive had a few drinks this afternoon and I cant possibly drive.”.

With the crammed seating there was no way she couldn’t help but have her leather leg touch mine. I did sneak a little touch with my finger. The state she was in, she wasn’t going to feel anything. She stank of booze and started to nod off as drunks do. She clearly wasn’t going to get off at the right stop. I kept an eye out for the stop the driver said. Hoping we wouldn’t get there to soon.

Leather leggings

As she drifted off with the movement of the bus. Her head Swaying from side to side, I could look more closely at her now. She was definitely not the kind you normally saw on a London bus. She had lots of gold jewellery on her wrists, ears and neck. Her leather gloves were black leather, exactly the same as her leather trousers. But they weren’t short wrist length ones as every one else was wearing. No these were long, much longer as they disappeared up the arm of her coat. Probably elbow length I suspected.

“Here we are queen Sheba, your stop, your majesty” the bus driver grinned. She didn’t move as she was in a drunken slumber. I nudged her several times. making full use of the opportunity to touch her luxurious leather trousers. This did the trick as she awoke.

“Isss thisss Me?” she slurred. “Yes it is” the driver shouted. ”Now are you getting off or sleeping it off haha” The rest of the bus seemed to join in with his laughter. She pulled herself up and staggered to the bus exit. She very gingerly stepped off, desperately trying not to stumble. I could see her peering confusedly at the street ahead trying to work out how to get home I presume.

I thought that I should have got off with her and helped. But I didn’t. A decision I still regret to this day. We might have struck up a friendship. She might have invited me into her house, shown me her fabulous wardrobe full of leather clothes. Maybe even rewarded me with a pair of her leather trousers! But no, as the bus pulled away I took a last glance back at her. Her leather trousers look amazing, even though she was as drunk as a monkey and god knows how that happened (it was only about 6.00pm) I never knew.

Even though I took that bus journey every weekday for about 2 years I never saw her again. But I often saw her in those leather trousers in my dreams! And it certainly made my mind up for me. I was definitely getting myself a pair of leather trousers just like hers.

Driving In Leather

Buying My First Pair Of Leather Trousers

I can remember owning my first pair of real leather trousers so clearly. I was 18 years old and I had realised that I had developed a leather fetish. Every time I saw a man or woman wearing leather clothing, on telly or out and about I was immediately transfixed and I could sense a rising sexual tingle in me. I was determined to get some trousers of my own. I had a leather biker jacket that I always wore but I wanted more.

Leathered Up

My chance came as I was working in a clothes department store at the time and they had received a small supply of leather trousers. These were high quality, butter-soft trousers. I can remember the smell as I put them out on the clothing rail. It was the late 80s and leather was really making a big impact on women’s fashions. And I still hadn’t forgotten that glamorous woman on the bus wearing the finest leather trousers I had seen, and felt! Leather jackets with shoulder pads, long leather coats, and yes lots of women were wearing leather trousers.

Well when payday came I knew exactly what I wanted. With my staff discount, I could just about afford them. I remember sneaking a sniff of my bag on the bus on the way home.

Trying My Leather Trousers On

I couldn’t wait to try them on. As soon as I got in I rushed upstairs and laid them out on my bed. They were so shiny and new. The smell made me feel giddy with sexual excitement. I threw off my old jeans and held the leather to my skin and then buried my face in them breathing in heavily. I sat on the end of my bed and started to slip them over my feet and pulled them up over my calves. They rustled and squeaked as I wriggled into them. They were certainly tight. I buttoned the top and pulled up the zip. I smoothed out the creases down my leg and over my bottom so my whole lower body was encased in this smooth, sexy material.

Leather Trousers In My Bedroom

I hadn’t put any knickers on and I could feel the tight leather rubbing against me. It felt good. I stood up full in front of my mirror and turned slightly. Oh my ass looked like a shiny new moon. As I walked up and down, I could hear a rustle with every movement. Then I sat on my bed again and as I crossed my leather clad legs the leather gave out the most exquisite noise that only leather on leather can. Oh I felt so flushed. Wow, I always knew I would love owning and wearing some leather trousers but I never realised what an effect they would have on me, or the people around me. Even to this day.

Relaxing In Leather Pants

As I relaxed on my bed feeling and stroking the tight leather. Smelling the heady aroma of leather and listening to its creaking every time I moved my legs. I remember feeling so alive. Feeling like I was a strong sexual woman with such a feeling of power. Knowing how good I looked in them, how sexy it made me feel. I never thought a piece of clothing could have had such an effect on me. I couldn’t wait to wear them outside the confines of my bedroom…..

Of course this was all back in the eighties when buying leather trousers felt like something special. They weren’t cheap but lasted. These days the good news is that they are everywhere. In the shops and online. Of course the faux leather and faux leather leggings are super sexy and much cheaper to buy. Personally I have several pairs of both !

Time To Get Yourself Some Leather Trousers!

5 thoughts on “My First Leather Trousers”

  1. Love this story Mrs L.

    I find there is nothing sexier than a woman wearing a pair of tight leather trousers/jeans I always find myself drawn towards these ladies if I happen upon them at a bar.

    Years ago I worked with a lady who liked to wear leather pants for “Casual Friday” in the office, I swear she knew what it did to me as she always sat next to me when she wore them.

    Myself, I have never owned a pair of proper leather pants I did have some cheap bike ones when I used to ride a motorcycle but they along with the bike didn’t last.

    Unfortunately living in Australia the weather rally doesn’t lend itself to wearing them unless it’s winter.

    I must try ad find a nice casual pair one day!

    1. Love it thanks for the commenting
      I used to work in an office that did dress down Fridays too. Obviously I wore more leather than usual those days. Until I thought why am I only wearing leather on a Friday? So I changed to most days. Yes I do find guys gravitate towards me where ever I am if I’m wearing leather trousers or a skirt. To be fair I am a bit of a leather tease!
      You should definitely get some leather trousers. Men don’t have to own a motorbike to own leather clothing. Check out those brown leather trousers and the leather jogging pants above – you could wear those to relax and enjoy any time. Yes summer can be tricky for some to wear leather. Not me obviously a nice pair of leather shorts are fine on a summer day!

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  3. Honest to God. I could read these stories for hours. If you had a leather podcast id listen every week lol. Leather trousers are my main part of my fetish. I keep it hidden my fetish as a school teacher it wouldn’t go down too well. I have had the opportunity to buy a few pairs as well as latex leggings and lounge around the house. Hard not to be a little naughty when I’m wearing them though lol. What’s your opinion on latex leggings or are you strictly leather only?

    1. Leather podcasts – an interesting idea Irish! Whilst its true leather is my number 1 I have to admit some tight, shiny latex leggings look hot too. Anything tight and shiny really lol. Good to hear from a guy who loves to wear some leather & latex x

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