Are you looking for something unusual in leather or faux leather for this Autumn?

Wearing a leather coat, jacket, boots, skirt or trousers usually means you stand out from the crowd anyway. But with everyone putting on leather coats and boots this Autumn It might be nice to try something a little different.

If You’ve already read my post on Basic Leather Clothing Every Woman Should Have In Her Wardrobe you will already have or begun to collect a set of the basics: leather skirts, trousers, coats etc. But its also good to throw in a few unique items too. Something less well seen and out of the usual. Here are just a few ideas of unique leather items you could go for

  • Leather Trousers
  • Leather Gloves
  • Leather Jackets
  • Leather Skirts
  • Leather Foot Wear
  • Leather Dresses
  • Leather For Men

Sometimes its good to be different

Unique Leather Trousers

Nothing quite as eye catching as a woman or man wearing some leather pants. Although these days leather leggings are very popular and being worn by just about everyone. So why not buy something a bit different? From some lovely flared pu leather pants to some real leather chaps?

Real leather chaps really are something different. They can, of course, be worn over jeans or leggings. Even on there own in the bedroom lol!

Unisex Cowhide Leather Chaps – Western Riding Chaps – for Men and Women
Smart Range Ladies Black or Red Napa Real Soft Leather Trousers Sweat Track Pant Zip Jogging Bottom

Now here’s something I haven’t seen anywhere – leather jogging pants. Usually you would expect leather trousers to be tight and figure hugging. But these beauties are meant to be loose and baggy for maximum comfort. I really can imagine myself lounging around in these all day long!

Great quality. Beautifully tailored fit. These Leather Pants are made of 100 % Lambskin Leather. A very good quality trouser which will fit nicely on any women. Real leather ages beautifully with time. It takes on the character of the wearer. Natural leather is breathable so you won’t feel sticky and suffocated as you do with PVC/Synthetic imitation. This is a luxury item at a rock bottom price. Why not treat yourself or someone special

Unique Leather Gloves

As you know I always recommend you have all 3 lengths of leather gloves: Short, elbow length and full opera length. These 3 additions perfectly demonstrate the idea of taking the regular leather item and giving them a unique twist to help you stand out from the crowd. I really love the half gloves, only just covering your fingers – a complete opposite from full length opera gloves! A splash of red leather is always a good thing with the cuff gloves. And who doesn’t like the look of the Gothic lace up finger less gloves on display below?

Unique Leather Jackets

Unique Leather Skirts

I tend to wear leather skirts in the warmer months and leather trousers when it gets colder. But you have to have both! Here I have picked a cute cowgirl effect skirt (i do love the red and brown!). A classic throwback to the sixties with a black and white mini skirt. followed by the opposite of a full-length maxi skirt. And if that wasn’t enough to tempt you into something different, how about a leather tassel skirt?

The perfect throw back to sixties fashion with a mini skirt. Couple this with a pair of knee length boots or go go boots and you have a great retro outfit.

Guo Fashion Womans Long Black Leather Skirt. Pencil Fitted then Flare Mermaid Maxi Skirt High Waist Fishtail Skirt

A sort of mermaid look for leather lovers. I love the full length and the fish tail adds that uniqueness I have been searching for.

JOYKK Womens High Waist Faux Leather Fringe Tassels Skirt Body Harness with Snap Buttons Halloween Party Punk Rock Costume Dress

There was a time when tassels were all the rage. Probably the seventies. But this is a great skirt to wear over jeans or leggings or with very little underneath for a sexier effect.

Unique Leather Foot Wear

I would say that once you leave the high street shops and go online the variety and different fashions available in footwear really is amazing. I have just picked 6 items that caught my eye as slightly different from the usual black leather or faux leather knee boot and ankle boot. I do of course love the pink (other colours available) thigh-high boots. Although for us with slightly chunkier legs these type of boots can be difficult to get n the right size. I love the spiked ankle boots. There seems little doubt that platforms are making a comeback. Either that or Elton John has had a clear 0ut lol. I have always had pleaser boots and they certainly make some lovely boots. Here I find these thigh-high wader type leather boots amazing and would definitely wear those to a party or to stomp around at home in. Fantastic boots!

Unique Leather Dresses

Here in the UK as we hit Autumn and winter its always time for a get together or party. (well once Covid has cleared off!). And there is nothing better to get the attention (and free drinks) than wearing a leather dress. Leatherotics always make some deliciously sexy dresses in leather (and PVC). If you are on a tight budget (and who isn’t) then PVC and faux leathers are much cheaper than real leather.

Unique Leather For Men

Now as we know men don’t tend to wear quite as much leather as us ladies. Apart from possibly leather jackets. But is this partly because there really inst that much in the way of leather items for men, apart from leather jackets? Well I managed to find several unique items for men and must say the more I searched the more Leather for men I came across. So come on boys get yourself some leather-even if you haven’t got a motorbike!

Mens Real Black Leather Beautiful Pleated Utility Kilt & Sporran

I never knew you could get leather kilts! And I have even been to Scotland a few times but I’ve never seen any of the guys wearing one of these beauties. If only I had….

If you’re looking for an unusual yet superb quality leather kilt….then look no further. You won’t find this beautiful shade and amazing quality anywhere else!!

  • Pleated Sides & Rear with Plain Front Panel.
  • Buckled Fastening with Belt Loops.
  • Separate Sporran with Stud & Zip Fastenings.
  • Fully Lined.

Leather Pants For Men

As I said earlier men in leather (without a motorbike) isn’t a common site-certainly not here in the UK. Which is a shame and hopefully a trend might start right here!. There is of course available a lot of mens leather biking gear but hopefully as you can see below there is also quite a bit of fashionable and comfortable leather wear to be had. I am definitely treating my other half to the leather trackie bottoms (providing he gets me the red leather ladies ones above!) I am just picturing us both snuggled up on the sofa in our leather joggers Mmmmmmmm…..

Mrs Leather

And there we go. I could, of course, pick much more of the unusual leather items out there online but I had better stop there for now.

Hope you enjoyed my picks and if you do make a purchase – thank you x

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  1. Great article Mrs L.

    Leather & Faux Leather are very versatile materials and the vast amount of unique clothing and costumes on the web is proof of this, I would also add latex to this list too.

    Everything from studded biker jackets to intricate lingerie pieces, some taking hours to make.

    My imagination runs wild in my head, but to visualize and then create some of these items is a real talent.

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