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Trump And Biden’s Supporters Wear Leather As Results Pour In During the run down to the election campaign for the next president of the United States Of America, we witnessed some great leather-wearing...
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The Avengers And I
With the recent passing of Diana Rigg and Honor Blackman. Two of these shows’ most iconic stars. I felt it was a good time to write about what this show was about for me and how it had such a massive influence...
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Unique Leather Clothing
Are you looking for something unusual in leather or faux leather for this Autumn? Wearing a leather coat, jacket, boots, skirt or trousers usually means you stand out from the crowd anyway. But with...
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Leather Fashion In The Fifties
What Was Leather Fashion Like In The 1950s? With no internet and few shops selling leather clothing in the 1950s, it is hard to imagine that being a leather lover was easy back in those days. Wearing...
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Why Does A Dominatrix Wear Leather?
What is a domiantrix If you were asked to write down what you think a dominatrix would wear I am pretty sure it would be something along the lines of Thigh high leather boots with a heel. Or at least...
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10 Times Suzi Quatro Rocked My World
Suzi Quatro is a female rock star who began playing bass guitar and singing lead back in the early 1970s and still does to the present day. She is renowned for her hits can the can, devil gate drive, stumblin...
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Basic Leather Clothing Every Woman Should Have In Her Wardrobe
Here Is some basic leather clothing every woman should have in her wardrobe. Over the many years I have been collecting leather clothing I would say that you must own at least one of each of the following...
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Is PVC Clothing Safe To Wear?
I recently discovered that PVC or vinyl clothing as it is also often called, is a dangerous material and should be avoided. It appears that it is reasonably OK to wear it day to day (but avoid it getting...
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my life in leather
Coming Out In My Leathers
As I continue my story of how my life in leather began and got me to where I am today. I have reached the mid-eighties, where I, as a young girl in her late teens was transforming from an innocent, good...
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Faux Leather Trousers
There are such a vast amount of faux leather trousers on the market these days its tempting to think that you are better off buying faux leather trousers rather than real leather trousers. I checked my...
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