I can remember getting my first leather jacket so well, even though it was a long time ago. It was a big moment for me and set me off on a life long love affair with leather clothing.

Wanting My First Leather Jacket

I was nearly 16 so the year was 1982 and I was living in London, UK. I had been going out with my then boyfriend for nearly a year. He was about 3 years older than me and was busy teaching me how to be a bad girl. He introduced me to the wonders of drinking cider until I was sick. Introduced me to the then cool art of smoking and allowed me to do so much more to him than just kissing. I loved his bad boy image which was enhanced tremendously by his motorbike and the black leather jacket that he always wore. I of course wanted one too.

Camden Market

Well on this day we both headed up to Camden market (as we did on most Sundays). It hasn’t changed much except that i’m sure it wasn’t quite as busy back then and there were a lot more music stalls and a lot less food stalls than there are today.

My 16th birthday was just around the corner and I had my eye out for something I was going to let him buy me. There were plenty of clothes stalls and several that sold leather clothing. One stall sold exclusively leather coats and had a separate rail of just leather biker jackets. Some were brand new and some were second hand. I actually preferred the older second hand ones. Not just because they were cheaper than new but because they looked so much cooler having been lived in. All the creases and slightly dull leather made them look like they had been around for years and of course it would make me look like I had had one for ages.

I tried on several jackets and each fitted slightly differently, hung differently on me and smelt different. I loved the studs and zips that some had. The collar and the way they looked all zipped up and then open. What did take me by surprise was the way I felt as soon as I pulled the jacket on. I felt so sexy, powerful and cool all at the same time.

Some were quite heavy and thick leather. They were made purely to Offer warmth and protection. Others were flimsy and really more of a fashion statement. Then there were the ones which fitted perfectly, weren’t too heavy and allowed movement. I know now that this was down to the different types of leather used.

The Perfect Black Leather Biker Jacket

My First Leather Jacket

Then I found it, the perfect black leather biker jacket for me. It had a great fit, even when zipped up. Especially as even then I had massive breasts. It had a lovely silver zip all the way from the collar to the waist. Silver button studs on the collar corners, pockets and sleeves. Around the waist was a wide soft black leather belt which had a large silver buckle. I felt like the sexiest woman alive in it.

Leather Jacket Is Mine For Life

The boyfriend had no choice but to buy it for me. He knew I was in love. He may have thought that was with him, where as in fact, I was actually in love with my first leather jacket! He certainly got a very big thank you from me that night and that leather jacket became a permanent feature of my life for many years to come.

2 thoughts on “My First Leather Jacket”

  1. LOVE this story Mrs Leather.

    I remember my first Leather jacket. It was 1987, I had finished school the year earlier and Top Gun had been the movie of the year, for me anyway. Working my first job and as I was walking past a few shops on my lunch break, there it was, just staring at me through the window, a Top Gun leather jacket, complete with leather patches. Unfortunately I had to wait, pay day wasn’t for another week!

    For the next week I would go to this shop and stare at this jacket through the window, to make sure it was still there and then finally the day came, I walked up to the shop and this time went in and walked out with my very first Leather Jacket.

    It served me faithfully for many many years and as a matter of fact I still have it in my wardrobe.

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