I recently discovered that PVC or vinyl clothing as it is also often called, is a dangerous material and should be avoided. It appears that it is reasonably OK to wear it day to day (but avoid it getting near any kind of flame; candle, cigarette, etc.). The danger lies in its manufacture and what happens to it when its thrown away. This is because some seriously unsafe chemicals are used and it doesn’t recycle easily. I realised that plastic is all around us but I hadn’t necessarily associated the PVC corset I am wearing with plastic straws, cups carrier bags etc. Even though now I think about it it seems obvious!

Essentially, PVC clothing is safe to wear, but its manufacture, disposal, and resulting damage to the environment and health of humans and animals is what makes it unsafe.

Although my first and main love is leather clothing. I have always also worn some great looking PVC items. Sometimes mixing up both materials to great effect. PVC is great because it is so much cheaper than leather and can look amazingly shiny and figure hugginly good. So imagine my concern when someone told me that PVC is not the best thing to be wearing. Obviously I realise that all the plastic around us isn’t good for the environment but I hadn’t thought of the PVC pants i am wearing as also being part of that problem. But it is. And then some!

So I had a look into this to see what is the problem with PVC clothing and if there are any alternatives.

Here are are some of my favourite PVC items purchased and worn recently:-

What is PVC?

PVC or Poly Vinyl Chloride is a man-made material that is used almost everywhere these days. It is essentially plastic and can be either rigid where it is used by the construction industry or when certain chemicals are added it becomes much more flexible and like the PVC we know that is used to make sexy clothing. In fact, PVC clothing has really been popular in high streets and is continually used by most of the big fashion houses all over the world. It is worn by many stars of screen, film, models and the more adventurous of us in the high street. I have worn many items of PVC clothing and although, for me, it’s not as sexy as leather it is still great value for money and does look amazing

So What is the problem?

Imagine my surprise when I discovered that there is actually a lot of scientific research and findings into the manufacture and use of PVC that suggests it is a very dangerous material to use.

Basically it is dangerous to manufacture because of all the chemicals and waste materials created in its creation. Such as lead, chlorides, dioxins and many more. Some of these chemicals produced during the manufacture of PVC are responsible for some of the most damaging environmental reactions known to humans. Furthermore, they pose serious health risks from cancer, lung diseases, etc. Apparently many of the workers who work in factories producing PVC suffer from much higher rates of cancer and lung conditions.

Vinyls other main problem is it is very difficult to recycle it at the end of its useful life as it really doesn’t break down very much. It cant be burnt as it releases all those dangerous chemicals into the atmosphere and if it is ingested as it enters the water chain and then our food chain our bodies are unable to get rid of those chemicals. So those sexy PVC boots that I and thousands of others have got in our wardrobes are really quite dangerous.

The second big problem is when you have finished with it. It doesn’t break down easily in landfill and gets into the water supply leading to it entering the oceans and then into our food chain. If PVC is burnt the fumes are highly toxic and should not be inhaled.

Obviously wearing it shouldn’t cause any problems as its a stable product and once its manufactured and in the shops its safe to touch and put on. Providing you keep it away from fire and don’t ingest it. The problem will come when you want to throw it away as it cant be recycled easily or safely so it just winds up in landfill.

Are There Any Alternatives To Buying PVC?

Now I am not about to ditch all my PVC clothing. Far from it especially as just throwing it away is adding to the problem as it cant easily be broken down and disposed of. No, I shall continue to wear and enjoy wearing my PVC outfits. But in the future when I am shopping for some new items I want to consider buying an alternative to PVC.

So what are they?

The Answer Is Simple –Leather And Latex!

I’m Wearing Latex Top And Leather Skirt

Well obviously I would say try leather. A natural product that does break down over time and can be recycled. There are also environmental issues, as with any material, in its production but not as serious to deal with as those with PVC. But leather doesn’t always look as shiny, its not cheap and yes an animal has died to provide it. So what else could you go for?

Yes rubber or latex clothing is perfect for vegans as it is a natural product coming from rubber trees and can be farmed in an environmentally way. It can certainly be cheaper than leather and can look amazingly sexy.

There are plenty of latex lovers who swear by it and wouldn’t wear anything else. It is true it can take a bit longer to get dressed in. Having to dowse yourself in talcum powder before pulling it on and then having to buff it up to a shine once its on but there is no denying it is a sexy material.

Perhaps not for every day use (unlike leather). It is a bit too widely associated with the kinky fetish scene for some. For example, if you are wearing a leather pencil skirt in the office it looks sexy and stylish. But if it was a latex skirt it might be seen as a bit too much-although not by everyone!

Time To Start Buying Latex?

Ive always much preferred the feel, touch, smell and associations I have with leather clothing rather than rubber. But I can’t deny there are some gorgeous looking latex clothing around and some gorgeous ladies wearing it. I need to start buying some!

Also watch this space as I think I shall be doing some more blogs on latex!

There is so much latex clothing out there. So its time to get shopping! Here are just a few of the sexy latex outfits you and I should get now:

Oh and Don’t forget you will need something to put a shine on all that latex….


I have highlighted Amazon (for now) as the place to buy your latex from. But there are a load of really good websites to visit for a wide selection of great latex outfits:

Affordable Latex

Honour Clothing

Love Honey

Latex is cheaper than leather usually, but it is dearer than PVC. Also, latex is not as strong as leather and can easily rip. So as usual the best advice is to mix and match – get yourself some leather and latex!

3 thoughts on “Is PVC Clothing Safe To Wear?”

  1. I must admit I have known about the “dangers” of PVC for years, but as you have said it can be very sexy, your PVC catsuit has always been a major turn on in your updates Mrs L and I also LOVE that PVC Matrix coat, very dominant and so very sexy.

    I think part of its appeal is the price, I mean Leather & Latex Catsuits are around $200+ were as you can pick up a decent PVC one for $50 or less.

    I for one have always LOVED you in latex, as you know, it really enhances your ample cleavage and curves and I hope to see you in more latex in the future Mrs L.

    1. Thanks Tony. Yes totally agree. I do love that pvc catsuit and the matrix coat but would love to have the catsuit and the coat in real leather-just a matter of the cost. I think I can say that you will be seeing me in some latex clothing soon xx

      1. Yes, definitely good quality leather outfits such as a catsuit and long leather coat would be costly, but definitely very sexy.

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