Here Is some basic leather clothing every woman should have in her wardrobe. Over the many years I have been collecting leather clothing I would say that you must own at least one of each of the following items. Of course, more than one piece is better. More Leather or faux leather is always better! But these are what I consider the basic minimum leather clothes you should own today:-

A Leather Jacket

An absolute essential. Almost every woman owns or has owned a leather jacket. They are a fashion basic and should be found in every wardrobe. From the absolute classic biker jacket to a more formal leather jacket you just have to own at least 1 (I have 5 at the moment lol):

A Long Leather Coat

Maybe some might say this is not an essential basic piece of leather clothing. It doesn’t have to be full length, 3/d length can is fine. If you do go for a full-length leather coat, make sure it is fitted well and has a belt to tie and pull it in around your waist to give it a much better shape and look.

You certainly don’t see as many women wearing full-length leather coats as you used to. But back in the late ’70s and early ’80s, everyone had one. Heck, even my mother had one (until I pinched it off her lol). One thing I know about fashion is that it continually comes back around in circles and I am sure the long leather coat will be back all over the high street soon. So grab one whilst you can!

Leather trousers

Faux leather trousers are really in fashion at the moment and there are so many great buys out there. It’s essential to have a pair in your wardrobe. I’d also get something in a colour other than black as well. I would also say that you do need a pair of real leather trousers at some point. There really is nothing like real leather. The smell, the feel, the noise, and the look. OK if you don’t feel confident to wear them down the shops or at the office at least have them ready to slip on at home to see yourself looking like a leather queen.

Leather look Leggings

These days you also have to include some leather-look leggings. These are super sexy – the shinier the material the better. They are cheaper than real leather but won’t last as long. However you can wear them with almost anything and they are THE fashion item at the moment!

Leather Skirt

Absolute essential. No matter how long or chubby your legs are there is always a leather skirt style to fit you and give you that leather edge. Of all the leather items you can buy I always think that a leather skirt is the most versatile in terms of looks. So a short leather mini skirt can look slutty and erotic. A stylish knee-length pencil skirt can look professional and smart-yet team it up with some long boots or fishnets and you are dressed to kill.

Leather Gloves

Leather gloves are worn by leather lovers and non-leather lovers alike. Almost every woman will at some pint own a pair of leather gloves. But in my view, you need at least 3 pairs (I have over 20 pairs at the last count lol). Your everyday wrist-length leather gloves, long and over the elbow opera length glove are the 3 you need in your basic leather wardrobe.

Leather Boots

There was a time when I only owned a pair of Wellington boots and they only came out when it has snowed! But that was back in my dark ages. Once I bought my first pair of boots I realized just how sexy and kinky the things were! remember the longer the boot the kinkier you look. For me, you have to own a pair of ankle boots, knee-high, over the knee and thigh-high boots for those ‘special’ occasions

So that’s seven Items of basic leather clothing every woman should have in her wardrobe. If you just buy one from each category. Ofcourse once you start you won’t want to stop at seven!

Don’t forget there are also many independent websites out there that also sell lovely leather clothing. Plus Ebay is always a great source of leather. And don’t forget the clothing street markets- my leather wardrobe started with a jacket I was bought at Camden market, London-read all about it in this blog – My First Leather Jacket