As I continue my story of how my life in leather began and got me to where I am today. I have reached the mid-eighties, where I, as a young girl in her late teens was transforming from an innocent, good girl, awkward looking and shy into a naughty, sexual leather loving woman who was attracting plenty of attention and developing into a leather tease who was just beginning to learn to please.

My Leathered Life Begins

In my previous blog I was at the point where, not only had I been living in my leather biker jacket (bought for me by my boyfriend) but I had purchased my very first pair of leather trousers and was enjoying wearing them, but only in the privacy of my bedroom. The sexual awakening that wearing the leather was bringing to me could not be ignored.

I knew that my family and friends would find the sight of me in head to foot leather something of a shock to them. My catholic upbringing meant I wasn’t expected to offer any kind of sexual come ons let alone go out dressed as a kinky catwoman.

But the leather yearnings couldn’t be ignored. I had to be able to wear my leather where and when I wanted. Even if it was going to give my parents heart attacks!

My Little Honda

Part of me was still a shy little girl who didn’t want to draw too much attention to myself and yet I couldn’t stop thinking about wearing my leathers out and about. I remember watching an old video of the gorgeous Marianne Faithful in the movie girl on a motorcycle. She wore a full leather catsuit throughout most of the film (no wonder the stones loved her LOL). I couldn’t take my eyes off her riding that bike and getting up to all sorts in that leather. I’m still not sure I fully understand what the story was about, but who cares, there she was in a leather catsuit! I think this movie watch marked the beginning of my love affair of not only sexy men in leather but also sexy feelings toward a woman in leather. I think I might have worn that video out by playing it so often as I masturbated to it. I had quite a crush on that Marianne.

I began to notice more and more women wearing leather and some of them really looked gorgeous. So now I was having sexual thoughts about guys and girls wearing leather and doing all sorts of things to me! And with this being the eighties there was a lot of leather about.

Since buying my first pair of leather trousers I had ‘enjoyed’ wearing them a lot in my bedroom. But I really wanted to start wearing them everywhere. I wanted to feel them on my skin all day long. And I felt that no other clothing came close in making me look and feel so sexy. Unfortunately, my parents had always been strict about what and how their daughters looked. Blouses couldn’t be too tight, skirts couldn’t be too short. There was no way they wouldn’t be giving me a hard time if I started appearing head to foot in a tight black leather outfit of biker jacket and leather trousers. I wasn’t in any kind of position to move out yet into a place of my own. So what to do? Well ….

I was lying on my bed one day, in my leather trousers, and feeling so horny as I slipped on the girl on the motorcycle film one more time. I soon started rubbing myself and feeling myself building towards an orgasm as Marianne rode round and round in her tight leather catsuit.

This gave me an idea. If I was to get a motorbike then no one would hardly notice if I was wearing full leather. It was purely for protection, wasn’t it? Mum and Dad would encourage me to get some protective clothing and leather surely would be the perfect material. A little Honda would be the perfect way to get around and get into my leathers! If only Marianne realized what an inspiration she was to this ever naughtier leather-clad woman.

So off out I went with my dad and I bought this lovely old black and silver little Honda moped. Not exactly a roaring Harley Davidson but I didn’t care. I could picture myself riding on it in leather and that’s all I could think of!

I told my mum and dad that I would be getting some ‘waterproof trousers’ to go with the leather biker jacket I already had. They weren’t too sure as their view was what’s wrong with just keep catching the bus every morning. But I had to admit I was excited to be able to have the freedom to go where and when I wanted, without waiting at bus stops and most importantly I could wear leather from head to toe.

Are You Being Served?

I can remember my mum assuming that I would be taking into work a change of clothes as she saw my leather trousers as some kind of protection and once I got in I would change out of them and put on a skirt or something. Well that didn’t happen. I kept my tight leather trousers on all day and it was wonderful. My work colleagues at the shop where I worked were quite jealous of me having a moped and I didn’t hear any comments about my leathered attire. I did get lots of looks and second glances as I went about my job in tight leather from almost every guy in the place (and some of the girls) which I didn’t mind at all LOL.

In fact I’m pretty sure wearing the leather trousers were getting me more attention and sales. I swear some guys were coming in the shop more than once just to get a good look. It was such sexy fun, bending down to pick something up, or getting on the steps to reach something from the top shelf. All with my gorgeous sexy leather on show, creaking and looking good.

Plenty of the managers at the department store were taking an interest too. I’m sure senior management spent more time on the floor I worked in than any other. Especially on my leather wearing days. I didn’t think any harm could come of it and I certainly started to flirt with a few of them. I can remember one day one of the top brass had crept into the department and I was bent over some draw full of gloves for sale. I was of course wearing my tight black leather trousers. SMACK! A hand slapped my bottom! It made a rather delicious sound, his hand on my leather. And my bottom started to have a most delicious stinging sensation. I had never been smacked before.

“Sorry. Lucy. I couldn’t resist! Such a charming sight”. Said a rather red faced, rotund gentleman, as he passed by me at quite a pace.

“keep up the excellent work my dear!” and with that he carried on through the department to the lifts. I found out later he was the chief accountant!

Now I know if that happened today I’m sure the words sexual harassment would get the guy fired by close of business. But this was nearly forty years ago and I would never have heard such words. Besides I found myself rather liking it. In fact when ever I spotted him making his way around our department I would try and position myself so that he had ample opportunity to slap me again. If the floor was empty he usually did slap my leathered arse and I couldn’t help giggling helplessly and feeling incredibly turned on. All thanks to Marianne and my sexy leather trousers! Happy days.

Happy Leather Days

I look back on these years with much fondness. I was really enjoying my sexual leather clad awakening. Finding that men were enjoying me in leather was a real turn on. And as my income from my job seemed to leave me with plenty left over to buy clothes I was able to start really building up my leather wardrobe. I remember getting a second pair of leather trousers which had lacing down the leg sides and a wide boot cut at the bottom. They were quite low around the waist which had quite an effect on my bottom. Again no complaints from management or my many customers. And dear old Mum and dad continued to think it was just all protective clothing for the moped!

I also increased my collection of leather gloves and more leather coats. Until my wardrobe began to smell strongly of leather. I certainly had a lot of ‘protective’ motorbike gear ha-ha. Now was the time to start putting all these sexy leather garments to good use. And boy did I put them to good use!

5 thoughts on “Coming Out In My Leathers”

  1. Absolutely LOVE hearing about your growing love for and obsession with Leather Mrs L.

    I look forward to hearing about more of you adventures.

  2. I remember seeing The Avengers with Honor Blackman as Cathy Gale when it it was first aired. And then came the Kinky Boots song: which probably launched ideas of kinky into mainstream culture which was rapidly changing throughout the Swinging Sixties. Not only leather but plastic became a fashion item. As noted boots were very much a man’s attire (as indeed were heeled court shoes), but so was leather clothing in general. The Rockers wore leather jackets, as had pilots in the RAF and soldiers wore leather jerkins. Leather became the female fashion item: thinking not only of the boots Cathy Gale wore, but also the dresses, skirts, tops and coats, and of course gloves. The history is fascinating but so is the imagery of the material, and its imagined and actual associations. Whereas in the late nineteenth/early twentieth century fur (although used in everyday fashion) was the kinky material (as in Venus in Furs), but this began to be replaced in the imagination and association with focused desire.

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