Trump And Biden’s Supporters Wear Leather As Results Pour In

During the run down to the election campaign for the next president of the United States Of America, we witnessed some great leather-wearing by some of the candidates’ supporters. Trump himself sported some black leather gloves whilst he addressed large crowds on the campaign trail.

Donald Trumps daughter, Vanka Trump 59, Ivanka wore red and some lovely elbow-length black leather gloves at the last rally of the campaign in Michigan. Trump’s wife Melanie trump wore very little leather during her various appearances. Which is unusual for her and maybe a bad sign!

In contrast, the star of the leather wearers was Joe Biden’s wife Jill.

Jill Biden (and Her Boots) Want You to Vote
Dr Jill Biden is officially one of the coolest ladies in American politics, and here’s why

She was always by his side and she wore lots of leather including a pair of over the knee leather boots with the word ‘vote’ in silver down the sides.

She has often worn leather including a full leather dress on her appearance on some TV shows including On an appearance on the Seth Meyer show where she famously turned up in a figure-hugging leather dress paired with

Best Leather Halloween Costume 2020

Halloween usually brings out some leather outfits every year. And luckily despite Covid, there were still plenty of us willing to dress up (even if we did have nowhere to go). Best leather costume for me goes to Kendal Jenner who went the full Barbie and dressed up as the gorgeously sexy, leather-clad Pamela Anderson as Barb Wire-don’t call her babe!

Kendall’s Instagram photo: ““don’t call me babe” happy halloween! GO VOTE!!! me as Pamela Anderson in Barb Wire ???? by my angel @amberasaly”

Leather Forecast-UK Weather Forecasters in leather

Weather girl to Leather Girl

Its the time of year here in the UK when us leather fans have to get up early to catch the early morning news and see which presenter is wearing leather. The clear winner so far is Good Morning Britain Laura Tobin when she appeared wearing a dark green faux leather dress to present the weather forecast. She claimed the dress wasn’t hers and that she had only borrowed it? Needless to say, even Piers Morgan was lost for words.

Best Movie leather This Fall

Not many new movie blockbusters this autumn due to Covid of course. Many of the new movies have gone straight to streaming services. I noticed that the wonderful Anne Hathaway is seen wearing some gorgeous leather gloves in several scenes so it might be worth a watch. Plus I always remember the amazing Angelica Houston as the head witch in the original movie-terrified the life out of me! Now if only she had worn some leather!

The Witches 2020: How to watch the remake film in the UK from today

Leather In Music

There hasn’t been too much leather-wearing going on in the world of music recently. But I saw this tune and video drop today. The naughty Miley Cyrus has redone the Stevie Nicks song, Edge of Midnight and managed to persuade Stevie to add her distinctive vocals to her track. In the official video, Miley is wearing some gorgeous leather trousers and a pair of opera length leather gloves.

Miley Cyrus returns with bold new single ‘Midnight Sky’

 She must have watched my video – How To Bling Up Leather Gloves With silver Spikes

You’re welcome Miley!

Until next time-Leather Love x

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