Have you ever wondered why is it that bad guys are always the ones wearing leather in your favourite movies and TV shows?

Me too! So I did some digging……

So why do bad guys wear leather on screen? I think the main reason so many bad guys wear leather on screen, is because when a director wants a bad guy in the film or TV show they need that character to appear strong, dominant and powerful, as well as bad-ass. And lets face it Leather is the best material to show that. And it looks as sexy as hell!

It also has a practical side. Leather is strong and perfect for all that running and fighting the bad guy, or the hero is going to be doing. Leather also looks amazing on-screen as it captures the light and draws your attention to the bad guy and gives definition to his strong, muscular physic. I cant imagine Arnie turning up to smash some robot dressed in a 3 piece suit!

My Top Ten Bad Guys Wearing Leather

This is only my current top ten bad guys who wear leather on screen and there are thousands of others. Also its not always just the bad guys who wear leather. Indiana Jones is clearly a good guy (unless you are a Nazis lol). And it will probably change by this time next week as there are just so many to choose from. But these are the ones that come to my mind and I have enjoyed time and time again. If you haven’t seen these bad guys in action, I highly recommend you do! And if you agree they do look cool why not add a bit of their leather style to your outfits?

These are just my current favourites. You’ll have to let me know your favourite bad guys….

Film/TV ShowCharacterActorBuy From Amazon
Happy DaysThe FonzHenry WinklerHappy Days DVD
Mad MaxMax RockatanskMel GibsonMad Max Films
Top GunMaverickTom CruiseTop Gun
Walking DeadNeganJeffery MorganWalking Dead
Blade MoviesBladeWesley SnipesBlade Films
Game Of ThronesJon SnowKit HaringtonGame Of Thrones
The Wild OneJohnny StrablerMarlon BrandoThe Wild One
X MenWolverineHugh JackmanX Men DVDs
BatmanBatmanChristian BaleDark Knight Trilogy
Terminator filmsTerminatorArnold schwarzeneggerTerminator DVDs

How I Rated My Bad Guys In Leather

There are of course thousands of bad guys (and good guys) wearing leather on screen. But I wanted to see which 10 characters sprang to my mind when thinking about who wears leather. Of course these are the ones that must have made an impression on me and yes maybe next week I would come up with a different 10 guys! But for now here are the 10 I first thought of….

The Fonz From Happy days

Heeeyyyy You can’t forget seeing the Fonz in his leather jacket and jeans looking and acting so cool. He often wore a brown bomber jacket but also wore a black leather one too (which I preferred). I remember watching this so long ago and apart from Henry Winkler in his leather jacket and Suzi Quatro appearing in her leathers (more on rock music and leather wearing in future blogs) I cant remember too much more about it.

I do know that after watching this I went out and bought my then boyfriend a black leather jacket!

How To Get The Fonz Look

Max From Mad Max Movies

I hadn’t seen Mel Gibson wearing too much leather until the mad max movies. In fact I hadn’t really seen too many guys wearing head to toe leather any where before unless riding a motorbike. He certainly looked good in his classic tight black leather biker jacket and tight black leather trousers. A perfect outfit for today and the future!

How To Get The Mad Max Look

Maverick From Top gun

Unlike Mel Gibson’s’ head to toe leather look In the mad max movies Tom Cruise here goes for just a leather flight jacket. But it certainly looks the part as he rides off on his bike to pick up Kelly McGillis. Whether it will make a reappearance in the long awaited sequel – i’m guessing yes. A tough guy needs a tough leather jacket!

Get The Top Gun look

Negan From The Walking Dead

Considering you need to protect yourself from being bitten by numerous Zombies you’d think there would be a lot of leather wearing in the walking dead. I would certainly be dressed permanently in leather from head to toe!

But sadly not much to be seen until we get to the end of series 6. Then 7,8,9 and 10 with the appearance of bad guy Negan. He wears a classic leather biker jacket (apart from a period when he is prisoner) which not surprisingly makes him the bad guy, but also gives him a sexy presence, which, even with his base ball bat, I for one find irresistible.

Get The Negan look

Blade From The Blade Trilogy

Watching Wesley Snipes fighting vampires in the first blade movie suddenly got me very interested in vampire movies. Because suddenly everyone was wearing leather! Wesley’s character wears head to toe leather with a gorgeous full length leather trench coat for most of the entire series. As well as almost all the other characters also wearing leather. Almost over night we had all vampire movies containing loads of characters all wearing skin tight leather and PVC. It has been a leather and PVC fetishes’ dream So thanks Wesley for creating the formula: vampires = leather!

Get The Blade Look

Jon Snow From Game Of Thrones

Now I know not that many guys go for the whole head to foot leather look and yet a few on my list do. But I cant think of many guys who go for the full on leather skirt look and make it look super sexy. Jon snow does! In most of the episodes underneath all those fur coats he wears he has a full length leather vest/skirt, boots and gloves and he certainly looks the kick ass guy in leather I’m always looking for!

Get The Jon Snow Look

Johnny Strabler From The Wild One

Ok so this is the first time I saw a guy wearing a leather motorbike jacket sitting on his bike and making me feel quite strange. To be fair I was only about 14 when I saw this movie and I knew then I had to find a boyfriend who had a leather jacket like this and I also knew I needed to wear something like it to!

Marlon Brando in this film is the very definition of being a bad guy in leather, so sexy. I believe sales of leather biker jackets shot through the roof when this came out. And thankfully it has been a fashion essential ever since-whether you’ve got a motor bike or not (usually not lol).

Get The Johnny Strabler look

Wolverine From The X-Men Movies

OK maybe having steel fingers coming out at inopportune moments could cause problems, but boy Hugh Jackman looks good in leather! I enjoyed the xmen movies and really enjoyed the plentiful array of leather on display by all the main characters. But Hugh Jackman as wolverine stood out for me the most even though at times he didn’t seem to like his leather outfit. I would have unzipped him any time!

Get The Wolverine Look


As much as I enjoyed growing up with the old Adam West batman tv show, I always felt his costume was a little……too silky lol. So imagine my excitement when Batman went all black leather and rubber in the form of Michael Keaton’s version. Even better when he gets to tussle with the sexy rubber clad Catwoman in Batman returns. In fact all the batman films have had him wear a lot of black leather and rubber, so its hard to pick my favourite. But as I have to I will go for the handsome Christian Bales’ dark knight with his black rubber costume and also his sexy encounters with the gorgeous Catwoman in the dark knight trilogy of films. But then again its hard to forget about batman and Catwoman in Batman Returns…..

Get The Batman look


One of my favourite scenes in movies is from Terminator 2 when a naked Arnie walks into a bar and identifies a biker guy who matches his size and says:

Arnie is then in full leather for the rest of the movie. Well until bits of him start to fall off lol. He also wears a leather jacket and leather trousers in all the other terminator movies. Terminator 3 also has the rather gorgeous Kristanna Loken wearing a sexy red leather 2 piece outfit.

I suppose I picked out Arnie from the terminator movies as he does wear leather from head to foot which is unusual to see. He does pull it off so well and looks super cool and bad ass at the same time.

Get The Terminator Look

Without question there is far less variety of bad guys wearing leather on screen than the ladies. As they virtually all wear a motorbike jacket. A few pair it up up with leather trousers but most don’t. As guys dont in general. But thats for another blog.

In the meantime I’m looking forward to seeing what new bad guys are going to turn up in leather on screen and hearing from you as to who I missed out!

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  1. The Bad Guy is always the “coolest” guy. To me it all goes back to Marlon Brando in The Wild One they started off the trend of the bad guys always wearing leather.

    1. Oh yes I always remember seeing Marlon Brando in that leather motorbike jacket and I thought he looked so cool and sexy. But yes I guess you are right all the bad guys wore leather jackets too. Maybe a carry forward from the old cowboy films were the bad guys wore black hats lol

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