I often dress like a rock chick. No matter what your age, it is a great look. For me it works so well because it is the perfect excuse to wear lots of leather!

How to dress like a rock chick is easy. You just need:

  • Skin tight pants
  • Leather jacket
  • T Shirt
  • Ankle Boots
  • Plenty of Rock Chick jewellery
  • Tons of attitude.

Lets go shopping……

What Skin Tight Pants Do You Need?

Whatever trousers you wear they need to be tight. It doesn’t have to be leather. There are so many options with faux leather and PVC these days. Some of the leather look leggings you see everywhere are perfect. Even a slim fit pair of denim jeans can work. As long as they are nice and tight. I myself love a good fitting pair of black leather trousers or some leather look leggings. I must admit the leather look leggings are a lot cheaper than real leather.

Finding The Perfect Leather jacket

Typically this would be a leather biker jacket. But although this is a classic the rock chick look can also be achieved with any tight fitting leather jacket or leather look. It needs to be short or very long. A short jacket will show off most of your tight shiny pants. But a full length leather coat will also give you a rock chick look. Most retailers have some leather jackets on the rails especially in the Autumn. But I still find most of mine online and there are some great markets that sometimes sell lovely second hand leather jackets. Just like the one I mentioned in my first Leather Jacket post, when I was at Camden market.

So Many T Shirts To Pick From

A fitted t-shirt underneath your leather jacket is the perfect option. It should again be tight or fitted and will complement your overall leather-look perfectly. So many great rock chick t-shirts out there to choose. From just a plain white one to one with your favourite bands logo (yes I’ve got a rolling stones one LOL). Also, consider going with something other than a t-shirt such as a vest/ tank top. Maybe even a waistcoat. as long as it is fitted and not too long.

You Only Need The One Type Of Footwear: Ankle Boots

Simple leather ankle boots are perfect with your tight leather pants. You don’t need a big heel. If you are going for a more punk rock chick look then consider some pumps.

Plenty of Rock Chick Jewellery

Rock Chick Jewellery is a thing! Just google it and you will find big chunky pieces lots in black and silver. Large gold or silver jewellery can also be worn. From big hoop earrings to multiple rings on your fingers. Big Wrist bracelets add extra cool.

And Tons Of Attitude.

Plenty of pout and not giving a stuff attitude are important.

Make sure you’ve used plenty of make up – think Bridget Bardot for the eyes and lips and you won’t go wrong.

A few Other Items To consider

I should also give honourable mentions to some other accessories you might want to consider when giving yourself the rock chic look:

  • Some fingerless leather gloves can also be perfect for the slightly tougher rock chick look. Just ask Madonna LOL
  • A tight fitting waistcoat. Not necessarily a leather one as this might give you more of a biker look. Some softer material will contrast well with the leather jacket and pants.
  • Hat. Ive seen the rock chic look pulled off with a baseball cap, a wide brimmed hat and even a cowboy hat. Its something to try.
  • Belt. A nice leather wide belt might be perfect with a tucked in t shirt. Go for black and silver, lots of buckles and studs.
  • Tattoos and piercings. I haven’t even mentioned most rock chicks will of course have had a tattoo or two and probably some piercings. Me? Ive got 2 tattoos but only ear piercings.

Some famous Rock Chicks To Check Out:

Suzi Quattro

Famous pop rocker who certainly inspired me. I love how she was one of the first girls to wear leather from head to toe back in the 70’s and even to this day she wears lots of leather, including a full leather catsuit at her concerts. Love Suzi!

Tina Turner

Now Tina claims she only wore leather because when she was travelling from town to town giving concerts she could pack her leather trousers and skirts and they didn’t need ironing! Well whatever the reason she certain always wore lots of leather and with legs like hers I’m glad she did!

Stevie Nicks

She is a big fan of the leather biker jacket worn over a pretty dress and of course fingerless gloves. I haven’t seen her in tight leather trousers yet but who knows maybe one day!

Joan Jett

The queen of rock and roll. She certainly took her look from Suzi Quattro and again always wears plenty of leather. Including full leather catsuits. She is quite a fan of the leather pants and trainers look!

Kim Wilde

I didn’t notice too much of Kim back in the 80s. I don’t know why? But in recent years She has really grown into a rock chick, wearing head to toe PVC catsuits, leather gloves, trousers, the lot. Proof, if it were needed, that you are never too old to rock the rock chick look.

There are lots and lots more to choose from. I shall definitely do a whole post just on my favourite leather rock chicks and guys very soon!

In the meantime get shopping and find your rock chick look today!

2 thoughts on “How To Dress Like A Rock Chick”

  1. Oh yes, the classic leather clad Rock Chick.

    My first memory of a Rock Chick is probably Chrissie Hynde from The Pretenders and OZ Rocks own Chrissy Amphlett from The Divinyls. Later I noticed Suzi Q & Tina Tuner, but my first real experience live was of Chrissy Amphlett prowling around stage in a Leather School Girl tunic for the Australian Made concert series in 86/87, she owned that stage and my heart!

    1. Thanks for your comment Tony x
      Yes Chrissie Hind a definite rock chick. But she rarely wears leather or pvc. I hadn’t heard of Chrissy Amphlett. But a quick google shows me the leather school girl outfit you speak of. Sad she didn’t make it beyond 53.

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