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Over the years I have spent A LOT of money buying leather, faux leather, PVC clothing, and anything associated with these materials. I am always amazed at how many more leather items are available online and in the shops compared to back in the day when I was a young woman looking for my next shiny purchase.

Back in the day, markets were great places to pick up a good quality leather bargain. And there were usually gorgeous smelling leather shops on the high street. I’d often spend quite a while in these shops just enjoying the smell of brand new leather. But sadly most of these have gone now and its practically all online (maybe because people like me spent a lot of time smelling their products rather than buying them lol).

So these days I get most of my clothing and accessories online. The variety, value for money, sizing availability, etc really has improved upon the old high street days.

Ebay has replaced the old market stalls for me, where you can pick up some really good priced second-hand leather. But what is on offer at any one time often varies. So I also use a lot of the excellent websites dedicated to leather, faux leather, and PVC clothing and accessories.

As an Amazon affiliate, I do get a small commission if you purchase something from them. Whilst this small amount doesn’t affect the price you pay it does help me with the running costs of this site, so I appreciate anything you do buy. Many of the items I recommend I have bought myself and where possible I will show you me wearing the item. However, quite a lot are things I would love to buy but haven’t quite got around to it yet or can’t afford it ….yet!

As my site hopefully grows in visitors I will also be able to sign up directly with some of the suppliers and be able to recommend even more leather items for you. Watch this space.

But for now, these are just some of the wonderful leather, faux leather, and PVC items that I’ve found and think are perfect for your or your partner’s world of leather collection.

Happy Leather Shopping!

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