I get asked can I wear Leather in the summer? a lot here in the Uk. Maybe because our climate is quite unpredictable and we don’t get the really hot temperatures here. It can be difficult to know what to wear some days.

The simple answer is YES! You can definitely wear leather in the summer, or any season. In fact, I would say some leather clothing looks at its best when the sun is shining on it. The trick is to wear some leather clothing bought for summer which uses thinner leathers and more colourful designs. Not leather clothing you bought in the autumn to keep you warm in the winter. There are plenty of great leathers now which don’t get you too hot and sweaty. Also, I should mention that summer is a great time to buy some leather. A lot of suppliers and shops are trying very hard to sell leather in the summer months and it’s not so easy, so they drop the prices-so now is the perfect time to grab your self a gorgeous leather bargain.

So read on for some hot tips on what you can and even should wear in the summer.

Is Leather Good For Summer?

Definitely it is.

Leather On The Beach

Here in the Uk whenever we have a bit of a heatwave (we do from time to time). Most of us start checking for our nearest nudist beach and seriously start considering riding to work completely naked. Well, maybe it never gets that hot. Its probably because we in the UK are not so used to hot weather. I for one start wandering around the house mostly in my underwear! However wearing leather clothes in the summer isn’t out of the question. Far from it! Leather can add a sexy edge to a summer dress, a leather mini skirt kinks up anything, and besides I for one quite like getting hot and sweaty inside my tight warmed up leather trousers!

Plus I’m talking as if the sun is always shining. Let’s face it we might get a few days where we feel all Mediterranean here in the Uk. But the reality is, quite often it’s bloody freezing!

So a nice leather jacket can be perfect to keep the chills off. It also looks great in the cooler evenings when a leather jacket draped over your shoulders, covering up your exposed sunburnt shoulders can add the extra chic look, Just when you might need it most!

Leather is a natural material (unlike many faux leathers and PVC) and therefore it breaths and can be cooling. I am not talking about the heavy, thick leathers that are often used for motorbike jackets and trousers. These offer a lot of insulation and protection when you are on a motorbike. And let’s face it a lot more of us go motorbiking in the summer months than the winter anyway. So motorbike leathers also have there uses in the summer as well.

But for the majority of us who don’t own a motorbike but are wondering if it’s ok to wear leather clothing, it is fine, providing you go for the lighter, thinner leathers. Many of them have been specifically designed to look good in the hotter months.

Does Leather Keep You Cool?

Obviously a Heavey weight black leather jacket isn’t going to cool you down in the hot sun. The thick material prevents fresh air from cooling your body and the black colour absorbs the heat of the sun rather than reflecting it. But if you take this on board and go with thinner, lighter leather, cool, lighter colours (even whites) and don’t go for a head to toe leather look you can certainly stay cool and you will certainly look cool in the summer.

Is It OK To Wear A Leather Jacket In Summer?

Ofcourse it is!

Did you ever hear Indiana Jones say “Phew, its too hot for this leather jacket?” Bad sandy at the end of Grease saying “It’s too hot for this leather jacket, I think I will just wear a nightdress”

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No I didnt think so!

Wearing a leather jacket in summer is far too cool to leave in your wardrobe until the first frost.

Some of the thinner leathers are now in so many great, lighter colours and worn over a summer dress or with a pair of blue jeans can look perfect and won’t cause you to have a meltdown.

Can Leather Pants Be Worn In The Summer?

Real leather trousers worn for motorbiking might be a bit too hot to handle on the really hot days of summer. Unless you are actually going to be riding a motorbike! Sorry guys!

Silver Leggings

But how about getting yourself one of the super sexy leather waistcoats-look great with jeans and a shirt-Even Gareth Southgate wore waistcoats at all the England matches the other year. So why not a leather one?

But nothing looks cooler than some of the fantastic leather-look leggings that you can get now. Pair them up with a white top, t-shirt, or lacy shirt and they will look fab. Some of them come in different colours too- white, pink and they can be accessorised with all the right summery looks, such as sandals, leather bags and a big-brimmed hat.

Can I Wear A Leather Dress In Summer?

If you are going to one of those summer open-air concerts or cinemas. Or heading out to a Bbq or summer party a leather dress, in soft buttery leather can be perfect. It tends to be slightly cooler in the evenings and the black leather will look so good against your tanned skin!

Can You Wear Leather Shoes In The Summer?

Oh yes! Leather sandals of course are perfect. Suede can keep those feet cool and look good. And of course I never put away my sexy thigh-high leather boots at any time of the year!

My Top Tips For How To Wear Leather In Summer

Don’t Always Chose Black Leather – Try some Different Colours

There are some great pastel shade leather items out there. Some great biker style leather jackets in pinks and light blues as well as some lovely coloured short skirts. Knee-length, short and of course mini skirts all in light colours for summer. That white leather can make your tan look so good.

Don’t Go For The Head To Toe Leather Look- Try A Small Amount of Leather

Just wearing a skirt or just a jacket with something summery will set off your summer look perfectly. I don’t think there is anything cooler looking than a tight leather pencil skirt for work. Lots of tv presenters are wearing them right now and they look super cool and sexy in them.

Try Some Leather Or PVC Swim wear and Underwear

There are some super sexy leather or faux leather swim sets around and they look just as good as underwear which you can wonder around the house in at any time. I also like the pvc ones.

Leather Shorts Are Perfect For Summer

Of course summer is the time for wearing shorts and cutoffs. I love a pair of nappa leather shorts for beach days. That leather feels so extra soft when the sun has been on it. Plenty of choice here, not just in the traditional black.

Leather Is Cheaper In The Summer – Grab A Leather Bargain

As I said earlier. Alot of retailers sell off leather clothing in the summer moths. So its a great time to pick up a bargain ready for when things do cool down and you can start to wear more and more!

Hope I have given you something to think about when adding to your summer clothes this year. And hopefully you wont dismiss leather as just for winter wear. You really can wear it all year round.

Happy shopping

Leather Shorts For Summer

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