There was a time when I only owned a pair of wellington boots and they only came out when it snowed! But that was back in my dark ages. Once I bought my first pair of boots I realised just how sexy and kinky the things were!

Remember, the longer the boot the kinkier you look. For me, you have to own at least 4 types of boots:

  • Ankle boots
  • Knee-high Boots
  • Over the knee boots
  • Thigh-high boots

Ankle Boots

A great choice to wear with any trousers, especially Leather trousers where you don’t want to tuck your trousers into the boots. They can also look extremely stylish (sexy) with a skirt and stockings.

A great boot for everyday wear. the heel is not too high and they are very comfortable. I bought a brown pair to go with my brown leather trousers and they have been worn many times!

Knee High Boots

The most common leather boot to wear especially in the colder months. Although I always have a soft spot for those sexy 60s/70s gogo boots-always look so good with a mini skirt.

Over The Knee Boots

As I said before – the higher the boot, the kinkier they are. These are my favorite length. Whether I wear them with a skirt and they just disappear underneath my skirt or I wear them with tight leather trousers or leggings and they come up over my knee. Very sexy.

Thigh High Boots

Surely the kinkiest footwear. I had a gorgeous pleaser pair of lace up boots that I wore almost all the time for many years.

Tip – lace up boots fit us ladies with chunkier legs better!

They took a while to put on which is why I guess I was always so reluctant to take them off! Even if you don’t feel confident wearing thigh-high boots to pop down the shops in you have to have a pair to slip on when you are at home and you want things to get kinky!