Hello and welcome to my leather blogging site, where I shall be posting articles on everything to do with leather and PVC. From leather wearing scenes in TV and film, to leather and PVC fashions to buy and see what others are wearing. As well as posts on my life in leather and all the stories that go with my leathered world.

I have always loved wearing leather and seeing others in leather from my early teenage years right up to the present day (i’m now in my fifties Sssssh -don’t tell anyone one lol). I hope to be wearing sexy tight leather and PVC well into my dotage! Hopefully turning up at my nursing home on a motorbike in my full leathers!

With the growth and spread of the internet I found that the world of leather and PVC became so much more accessible. Going from spotting the odd person walking down my high street in a leather jacket or even leather trousers (very rare) to a world full of images and websites showing off so many outfits and accessories all catering for the leather fetishists like me.

I have been lucky to set up some sites allowing me to show off my love for leather and earn a small living from selling photo sets and videos around the world. Which I enjoy immensely. I also enjoy wearing leather and PVC in my everyday life and seeing others wearing fantastically sexy outfits.

I’ve often been asked why Leather? And I suppose in truth I don’t know why it has always held such a fascination and stirred such strong feelings in me. may be its the smell, the look or the noise it makes. Maybe its the association with bad boys and girls I have. Created by watching too much telly and movies where the glamorous, dominant, bad ass characters were always wearing leather or PVC. Or the rock chicks and guys strutting their stuff on stage in leather leaving me feeling excited and wishing it was me in all that sexy gear.

Whatever the reason I know that I always feel special wearing it and always feel something extra exciting when I see a girl or guy dressed in something tight and shiny.

Hopefully you will regularly return to this blog site and enjoy reading my posts on anything leathery. Hopefully you will be tempted to click on a link and by yourself something in leather or PVC as that will mean there is a little bit more being worn or watched.

Leather Love

Mrs Leather