My first exposure to leather-wearing was seeing programmes and films on my tv screen. I can remember seeing Elvis in his leather jumpsuit in concert and I had to watch and re-watch so many times I wore the video out.

In a world of streaming there is perhaps little reason to own these iconic, leather filled shows and movies on disc, and yet I have a treasured collection and always will. Some of my favorite leather shows aren’t available on stream so DVD is the only way to go.

Here are some of my favourites…..

The Avengers

I had only seen the early Diana Rigg episodes, until the 1980s when Channel 4 started showing the early Honor Blackman episodes where she wore full leather in virtually every episode. Such a leather icon for me! Series 2 & 3 featured the leather-clad Honor and just series 4 of the Diana Rigg episodes featured her in leather. In later episodes, although filmed in colour she didn’t wear leather (apart from 1 episode) and there was very little leather in all the other shows. However, the series was very enjoyable especially the Diana Rigg season 4 and 5 so maybe buy the complete set on DVD. The movie looked promising with Uma Thurman looking great in a leather catsuit but sadly the film wasn’t great and not much leather in the final cut.

Girl On A Motorcycle

Marianne Faithfull riding around in a sexy leather catsuit for the majority of the film is a beautiful thing to watch. I’m not sure there is much of a story but who cares when you can enjoy this fine sight